• iron oxide red 110/120/130/180/190

    iron oxide red 110/120/130/180/190

    APPEARANCE: orange-red to purple-red trigonal powder. Both natural and synthetic. The natural one is called Saffron and has a relative density of 55.25. FINENESS 0.4 ~ 20um. Melting Point 1565. When burned, oxygen is released and can be reduced to iron by hydrogen and-carbon dioxide. Insoluble in water, soluble in hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, slightly soluble in nitric acid and yeast. It has excellent light resistance, high temperature resistance, acid resistance, Alkali resistance and rust resistance. Good dispersion, strong coloring and hiding power, no oil permeability and water permeability. Non-toxic. The maximum allowable concentration in air is 5 mg / M 3.

  • iron oxide yellow 311/313/920

    iron oxide yellow 311/313/920

    iron oxide yellow is  yellow powder.Relative density 2.44 ~ 3.60. MELTING POINT 350 ~ 400 °C. Insoluble in water, alcohol, soluble in acid. Fine powder, is the crystal of iron oxide hydrate. Coloring power, covering power, light resistance, acid resistance, Alkali resistance, heat resistance are good. Over 150 °C, crystal water breaks down and turns red.

  • Iron oxide black 722/750

    Iron oxide black 722/750

    Ferrosoferric oxide, Chemical Formula Fe 3 O 4. Commonly known as iron oxide black, black crystals with magnetic, it is also known as magnetic iron oxide. The substance is soluble in acid solution, insoluble in water, Alkali Solution and organic solvents such as ethanol and ether. Natural ferrosoferric oxide are insoluble in acid solutions and readily oxidize to iron(III) oxide in the air in wet conditions.

  • Iron oxide green 5605/835

    Iron oxide green 5605/835

    Bright Green to dark green. DENSITY: 5.21. Melting point: 2,266 degrees. Boiling Point: 4,000 degrees. With metallic luster, magnetic, strong hiding power, high temperature resistance, Sun Resistance, insoluble in water, insoluble in acid, relatively stable in the atmosphere, to the general concentration of acid and alkali and sulfur dioxide gas has no effect, with excellent outstanding pigment quality and fastness.

  • Iron oxide blue

    Iron oxide blue

    Dark Blue or light blue powder, bright color, strong coloring, hiding power slightly worse. Farinaceous harder. The iron oxide blue has high coloring power, good light resistance, poor alkali resistance and high heat resistance

  • Iron oxide brown 600/610/663/686

    Iron oxide brown 600/610/663/686

    Brown powder. Insoluble in water, alcohol, ether, soluble in hot strong acid. High tinting and hiding power. Good light and Alkali Resistance. Anhydrous permeability and oil permeability. Color with the different process, there are yellow Brown, Red Brown, Black Brown and so on.

  • Iron oxide orange 960

    Iron oxide orange 960

    Iron Orange mixed product is made of iron oxide red and iron oxide yellow mixed, with good pigment properties, such as coloring power, hiding power are very high. With good weather resistance, bright color and so on.

  • Chrome oxide green

    Chrome oxide green

     Product Description
    1). Bright-colored exquisite powder.
    2). Good weatherability (Lightfastness, heat-resistant and alkali resistant)
    3). Strong tinting power, excellent coverage and fine dispersion.

  • Iron oxide gray

    Iron oxide gray

    Iron oxide gray is a kind of inorganic pigment compounded by additives.from light gray to dark gray. It has excellent physical and chemical properties. It has strong covering power, high coloring power, soft color, stable performance, and non-toxic. It is a green environmental protection pigment; it is alkali resistant, stable to weak acid and dilute acid, and has good light and weather resistance, and is insoluble in water.

  • Color paste

    Color paste

    Color paste is a kind of water-based environmental protection color paste, pigment, additives and water are added into the disperser to grind and disperse. Color is divided into red, yellow, blue, green, rose red, pink and so on. It has excellent coloring power, dispersibility, compatibility, light resistance, weather resistance and stability.