• production processes of iron oxide yellow

    Iron oxide yellow is a transparent powder yellow pigment. The relative density was 3.5. The chemical properties are stable. The particle size is 0.01-0.02 μ M. It has large specific surface area (about 10 times of ordinary iron oxide), strong ultraviolet absorption, light resistance, atmospheric ...
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  • production processes of iron oxide red

    There are two main production processes of iron oxide red: dry and wet. Today we’ll take a look at these two processes.   1. On dry process Dry process is a traditional and original iron oxide red production process in China. Its advantages are simple production process, short process ...
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  • The new iron oxide pigment production base of Shijiazhuang Shencai pigment factory has been put into production

    Shijiazhuang Shencai Pigment Factory founded in 2003.We have a large Iron Oxide Pigment Production Base (Hebei Chengyu Pigment Co. , Ltd),  it is located in Ningjin Salt Chemical Industrial Park, Hebei Province, is a provincial chemical industrial park, is officially in production. With three pro...
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